Hello everyone! My name is Amber, and I started this blog in the hopes of it becoming a place where women can come together in the realization that they’re not alone in the struggles they face, as well as to discuss important topics, and share interests and ideas.

I have found that chatting with your girlfriends is one of the best medicines out there, and I want my blog to be just like that. A casual, healing chat with your girlfriends.

This is a blog for badass, independent women who care about stuff like: obtaining financial freedom and building their empire, health and wellness, finding balance and peace in life, being a well rounded person who helps others, fashion and beauty, travel, relationships, etc.

These are some of my biggest passions, and I really hope you will enjoy what you find here/it helps to make a difference in your life. Please let me know of any specific content you would like to see, I’d love to hear from you!

Peace & Love,