Target Fashion Haul!

Hello friends! As you will be able to tell from this post, I had a little too much fun at Target last weekend… They are definitely not wrong about getting caught up in the Target vortex…

There is a meme about your soul leaving your body when you walk through the doors of Target, it walking around separately from you, and not returning to your body again until you’ve left the checkout line (presumably with a ton of stuff you don’t actually need but that is undeniably cute as hell). Although this sounds a tad morbid, I think I believe it…

Below are some super cute looks that I found while shopping. I had to resist the urge to buy every single piece, but alas, such is life..

I hope you enjoy, and just click on the image of the item if you would like to purchase it!

Oh and excuse my terribly messy hair that gets worse with the more things I try on 🙂

Winter/Spring Transition Pieces

Softest sweater ever
Love the retro look of these & actually very comfortable!
This may be the best jacket I’ve ever put on… It is a corduroy material & is so cozy & cute
Love the puffy sleeves!
This color is amazing, & you know I love me some sherpa
Clearly I love to match…
Adorable, corduroy material, & on clearance!

Spring/Summer Transition Pieces

So flattering & silky!
Love the zipper detail & pockets!
This dress has such an island vibe
Love these platform sandals!
I am OBSESSED with this dress. The knit texture, the color, the fit, & the fact that I only paid $12 for it. Score.
Swim Coverup
Such a great beach bag
VERY flattering dress

Peace & Love Always,


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