Valentines Day Inspired Fashion Guide

It’s that time of year again! The season of love if you will. Ironically, you probably either love or hate the holiday (there seems to be no in between).

Regardless of your feelings on Valentine’s Day though, you can always use some excuse to buy a new outfit, right?!

I know I can, so I wanted to share some super cute finds with you from a few of my favorite stores here. Enjoy!

**Pricing valid as of 02/02/2020**


If you have yet to hear about or check out the online fashion retailer Shein, you are seriously missing out. One of my good friends turned me on to them and Holy Shiitake mushrooms they have THE best stuff, the most insane variety I have ever seen, and at the most affordable prices imaginable (excuse my nerdiness). I feel like you could literally find anything you could ever want in the fashion world here.

Below are some pieces I found on Shein that I am loving and that give me all of the Valentine’s Day feels.

I can’t wait to do a try on with some of their stuff for you guys soon.


Another of my all time favorite stores (for not just clothes but absolutely everything) is Target. I know, I know join the club.

Here are some more cute and casual Valentine’s looks I found there. And if you’re a Friends fanatic like me, you’ll be just as obsessed with this lobster shirt I found as I am.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is another of my all time favorite “everything” stores. On top of having the best clothing at sweet prices, they also have the best home finds.

Below are some fun Valentine’s looks I found, and most of these would make great spring and summertime pieces as well.


In my opinion Express is one of the best fashion retailers out there. While maybe not quite as affordable as the other places I have listed here, they have great sales (which is where I shop 99% of the stuff I get there,) and I think the quality and level of cuteness of their stuff is well worth the price.

Well, there it is, my Valentine’s Day inspired fashion guide. I really hope you enjoyed what you found here, and maybe you even found the perfect piece, whether you will be spending this Valentine’s Day on a date, with loved ones, or even just spending quality time with yourself.

I understand that the day can be a bit depressing for some, and others find it to be cheesey and corny. Others don’t see the point, thinking love should be given and shown all year round not just on one day…

But whatever your thoughts and feelings on Valentine’s Day, and no matter how you spend it, I do hope you will choose to make the best of it.

Though the holiday (like any holiday) has become too commercialized, and it IS so important to show the people in our lives we care all year long, there is nothing wrong with taking a little extra time to celebrate LOVE!

Our relationships with others are so important, and maybe more importantly, it is SO important that we have a loving relationship with ourselves! No matter what.

Be nice to you, love you, be nice to the world and give love to others, choose to have a positive mindset and spread love and positivity and I promise they will flow right back to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Peace & Love Always,


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