My (Last Minute) Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!

Organic & Natural Beauty, Eco-Friendly Gifts, Fashion Finds, Tech & Gift Card Deals & More!

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In the spirit of this Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide, I’m getting this to you at the last minute. Oops.

Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet?! Don’t want to deal with crazy crowds?? This year it wont be grandma getting run over by a reindeer, it will be you getting run over by grandma with her big red Target cart.

But, have no fear! There’s still time to get all of your gifts in time for Christmas with Amazon Prime.

Below I compiled a list of some of the best deals I could find on some of my favorite products. From Eco-friendly gifts, to organic beauty, to fashion finds, tech deals and more. All of which I think would make great gifts for your loved ones! Enjoy 🙂

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Gift Card Deals

Save $5 on Starbucks Gift Cards, $7.50 on Ulta Beauty Gift Cards & $10 on Famous Footwear Gift Cards!

Who doesn’t love a good gift card? I know I do. I know they can seem a bit impersonal, but they allow those you don’t really know what to buy for the ability to pick out what they really want. And gift cards are the one thing that never go on sale… until now!

Buy $30 with code SBUX, get $5 Amazon credit on select Starbucks email gift cards

Save $7.50 with code ULTA off purchases of $50 or more of ULTA email gift cards

There are also several cute gift card designs to choose from with these, and if you’re super last minute you can just email them to who you’re gifting to!

Save $10 with code FAMOUS off purchases of $50 or more of Famous Footwear email gift cards

Amazon gift cards are great gift ideas as well, and check out how cute these are!

You can purchase gift cards from hundreds of other retailers on Amazon as well.

Fashion Finds

One of my top winter go-tos are beanie hats with a fur pom pom (call me what you will). I have far too may, think they are the cutest thing in the world, and love throwing them on because I never want to actually do my hair.

Pink Leopard Hat – $23

Knitted Hat – Several Colors! – $12.65 – $15.99

The one thing I wear most in the winter are my Columbia snow boots, which have got to be the cutest and warmest winter boots in the world (and normally cute and snow boots do not go together in a sentence). These are waterproof, and are constructed with advanced technology for warmth. Sounds like a load of hooey but it’s true. They are actually rated for optimal warmth down to -25F.

Columbia Women’s Omni-HEAT Winter Boot, Waterproof – $74.78 – $157.46

I actually have last year’s version of these which I can’t find anymore, but this year’s are even cuter. And while I am normally a bargain hunter extraordinaire, these are well worth the price I promise you. Not a terrible price either if you think about it for a cute pair of winter boots that are actually waterproof and warm. I get asked about mine all the time.

Columbia Women’s Omni-HEAT Winter Boot, Waterproof $67.59 – $111.87

Columbia Women’s Omni-HEAT Winter Boot, Waterproof $67.59 – $111.87

I think scrunchies (particularly velvet ones) are the cutest new fashion trend. Well, maybe not “new” because they’re quite the throwback, but you know what I mean. And these are so much more affordable than what you find in stores! Would also make a great stocking stuffer.

Velvet Scrunchies – $9.99

Another of my trending new favorites are sherpas. I am obsessed with these and they are practically all I want to wear nowadays. They are so warm and comfortable. I had my boyfriend get me about ten for Christmas… well maybe like 3.

Women’s Sherpa $35.99 – $37.99

Women’s Sherpa – $29.99

For the gym rat in your life, these are my all time favorite workout leggings. They come in so many colors and styles, are great quality, and a perfect knockoff of larger well known athletic brands.

Workout Leggings – $13.99 – $18.99

Fleece lined leggings are another great winter staple and gift. I don’t know what I would do without these in the winter. Linked are the pairs I own, and they range from $13.95 – $24.95. I believe the higher end prices are for multi-packs.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

I am a huge proponent of Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items, and think we all should do our part to lessen our impact on the planet. It’s easy to do so. Why not give someone a nice Eco-friendly gift this holiday season so they can do the same? Here’s some really cute ones.

Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap – $14.99

Teabloom All-Beverage Travel Tumbler – $24.95

Reusable Shopping Bags – $16.99

Reusable Produce Bags – $14.49

Reusable Straws – $5.99

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – $12.99

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg – $9.49 – $1616

Eco-friendly Pen Set – $10.99 – $14.99

Organic/Natural Beauty

You guys know I’m a huge proponent of organic and natural beauty alternatives, and they make great gifts too.

Badger is one of my all time favorite natural/organic beauty brands, because they make so many great products that are entirely or almost entirely organic. You will know what all of the ingredients are, and their products actually work. Here are some of my favorites of theirs.

Facial cleansing Oil – $16.99

Body or Face Oil – $22.94

All Season Sport Sunscreen Face Stick – $7.22

These chubby chapsticks are probably the best thing ever invented.

Chubby Chapstick – $6.45

Vapor Rub – $8.49

And they make great men’s products too!

Hair Pomade – $13.59

After Shave – $15.29

Alright that’s enough about Badger. Some more organic and natural favorites below.

I LOVE essential oils and use them for so many different things as they have so many wonderful purposes. The sets also make amazing gifts! These ones are organic, 100% pure, and a great price.

Essential Oils Set – $18.99

I asked for a jade roller for Christmas because I have heard they work wonders, and my esthetician friend confirmed it. I can’t wait to try it out! They are supposed to be great for wrinkle prevention and a healthy complexion. This one below makes an awesome little gift set. It even comes with jade hair clips!

Jade Roller Gift Set – $16.95

Leven Rose is another of my all time favorite natural and organic beauty brands. Some of my favorite products of theirs are below:

Witch Hazel Toner – $13.97

Vitamin C Brightening Serum – $9.97 with $10 Off Coupon!

Daily Rejuvenation Essentials Serum Gift Set – $54.97

And they make great men’s products also!

Spiced Sandalwood Beard Oil & Leave in Conditioner – $15.97

A few more great gift ideas I found:

Organic Lip Balm Set – $9.95

I absolutely love these essential oil rollers. These work great as an acne spot treatment, and another stocking stuffer.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Roller – $6.99

These brushes aren’t necessarily natural or organic but they’re just brushes and they are fricken adorable!

Mermaid Makeup Brushes – $7.99

Tech Deals

Last but not least some of my favorite tech finds. I’m not a big “techie” but I know everyone loves tech gifts, so here you go.

These WiFi Smart Plugs allow you to set a schedule on your phone for whatever is plugged into them to turn on and off at the same time every day. I use mine for holiday lights and I love them for that reason. My boyfriend uses them for his fish tank lights. These make a great stocking stuffer also for someone who would be able to get a similar use out of them.

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs – $12.99 each or $31.99 for Set of Four

So I don’t actually own a Ring doorbell yet but I really want one and have heard good things. Not gonna lie, I am someone who is still afraid to answer the door when I’m home alone because I always fear it’s an intruder out to get me. I would love to be able to see from my phone who’s at my door with one of these. The one below is a bundle deal that also includes a Fire TV Cube so you can stream all of your favorite shows.

This combo deal is $100 off normal sticker price! Promo ends 12/23/19 4pm PST.

Ring Video Doorbell & Fire TV Cube Bundle – $218.99

I had always wanted a Roomba and recently received one as a gift. This thing has been a life changer as I am OCD about clean floors but seem to never have enough time in the day.

There is a $50 instant coupon for this right now making it only $200!

Roomba – $199.99 with Coupon

Bluetooth wireless headphones are another tech go-to I feel I can no longer live without (First World problems I know). I actually bought a cheaper version than the one’s below and wish I had spent a little more for better sound quality and functionality. But I still love mine.

These are a number one bestseller, and are very highly rated. And bonus is they’re pretty. There’s a $5-$10 coupon code for these now too.

Bluetooth Headphones – $59.99 – $69.99 Minus $5 – $10 Coupon

Here’s another pretty pair that are more affordable and also well rated.

Bluetooth Headphones – $33.98

And if you really want to go top of the line there is an awesome deal going on Bose headphones right now as well.

Bose Bluetooth Headphones – $179 on Sale

Well that’s all folks! I hope this list gave you some great new ideas so that you can finally get your holiday shopping done.

And if you didn’t find anything you liked here, you can check out some of my others favorite products from past posts below:

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And if you still didn’t find anything you like, then why don’t you just buy yourself some nice holiday themed toilet paper.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Peace & Love,


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