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Holá everyone! (adding some Spanish flair in there to spice things up a bit even though I’m not actually Spanish… I do have a serious passion for Spanish music though and have always wished I could dance like Shakira).

Anywho… I wanted to take a little time to get personal and share who I am and why I’m here on this blog, as I realize I haven’t done too much of that yet, and you may be wondering “Who the heck is this girl, and why should I listen to her?!”

But to be perfectly honest, at my ripe old/young age of 28, I’m still trying to figure all of that out myself. You know, all of the “Who am I?” “What am I doing with my life?” “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?” type of stuff I’m sure we all have struggled with, or some (like me) continue to struggle with probably too often.

The basics: My name is Amber (if I haven’t gotten this point across yet then I have failed you). As I said before, I am 28, and I am an upstate New York native. I did live in both California and Australia for a short time, but this is without question my home.

Studying abroad in Australia was the best thing I have ever done, and I can’t wait to do a lot more traveling in this life. Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I want to go everywhere and see everything.

If you have not yet done so, I strongly recommend stepping WAY outside of your comfort zone and traveling by yourself to a country where you know no one, and no one knows you, and everyone can tell you are different as soon as you open your mouth. To do so is nothing short of life changing, and an awesome self growth experience.

Baby Me in the Land Down Under. Look at that Hair!

I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and I work as the “CFO” of a local, family-owned solar company. I put “CFO” in quotation marks because we are pretty small lol. Though I am grateful for my education and it has done a lot for me in my life, the thought of going to school ever again gives me heartburn.

I do have a love for numbers (yes I’m a nerd,) and striving for complete financial freedom is one of my biggest goals, but I am definitely a creative at heart with a very persistent entrepreneurial spirit that just won’t leave me alone.

I guess you could say I’m a dreamer. I strive to live a life more fulfilling and freeing than the typical 9-5, and I truly believe this is possible. I also believe that you have to truly believe in, long for, and work hard for something for it to come true. I am a big believer in positive energy and the Law of Attraction. You will receive back to you what you put out into the universe.

Enter… my blog! I struggled for a long time to come up with a business I could start all by myself. You can read more about that here:

My Very First Blog Post

Finally I have landed in this wonderful place where I can be creative in my writing and the design of my website, and also share with you some of my favorite passions.

One of those is fashion (which is basically a way to share your creativity on your person wherever you go).

Another is health and wellness (because I am totally “granola,” obsessed with organic and Eco-friendly products, and truly believe that all of the toxins in the everyday foods we eat and products we use play a major role in the widespread sickness we experience now, and more notably as we age).

You can read a few posts I have done on these topics here:

My Mostly Organic Skincare Routine

Making a Healthy Eating Routine Delicious, Affordable & Stress Free – Yay!

Most importantly, I want my blog to be a place where women can come together and help each other to grow.

Though I am very blessed to have lived a very beautiful and fulfilling life thus far, I still struggle every day to overcome insecurities, often overpowering anxiety and worry, self-doubt, and a strong tendency to overthink and try to be “perfect.

Struggles I think many women probably face.

I try very hard to not let demons from my past confuse and put walls up around me, but I lose those battles more often than I like to admit. I am also someone that struggles regularly with feeling the need to always be and have more. I can be very impatient, and sometimes I lose my temper and let the little things get to me.

I have only recently discovered how powerful and incredibly important self love, being present, and accepting that there is no such thing as perfection are. Also the importance of letting go.

I am a work in progress, and I try every day to be a better person than I was the day before. I am learning to love myself unconditionally, to be present through practices such as meditation and conscious gratitude, and connecting with like-minded people. To find beauty in imperfection, and to not let expectations of “how it should be” bring me down. To learn from my past without letting it define me.

I can only hope that through my own process of self discovery I can help others who are dealing with similar issues along the way. Maybe that is why I have been put on this earth.

We need to end the saga of “Why am I not good enough?,” not being comfortable in our own skin, constantly comparing ourselves to or judging others, caring about what other people think, and not being truly at peace with our lives.

Let’s start by coming together here!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I have been blessed with a wonderful boyfriend, family, friends, and four cats (I started with two and then two more stumbled into the mix when my boyfriend came into the picture). All of whom would do anything for me (well, maybe not the cats,) and I don’t know what I would do without. I am thankful for them every day, and so thankful for you as my readers too!

Though I am a “health nut,” I have an incredible weakness for ice cream, flavored coffees, and the occasional junk food.

I am deathly afraid of Oompa Loompas with their orange skin and incessant chanting. I have a very strange hitchhikers thumb.

There’s nothing better in my book than someone who isn’t afraid to be silly, weird, and unapologetically themselves. To dance like nobody’s watching, anytime, anywhere.

My biggest goals in life at the moment are to become a successful entrepreneur (in fact I have placed little sticky notes about this all over my house,) to live a more peaceful life, and to have a happy and loving family of my own one day.

Well that’s enough about me for now! I hope this post has shed some light on who I am, and helped you to feel more of a connection to me. I would love to connect and learn more about you and to help you in any way I can! Please let me know how I can do that. Let’s be friends!

Peace & Love Always,


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